(ISSN: 2548-0200)


The aim of e-JNM is to create a source for academics and scientists who are doing research in the media, technology and communication that feature formally well-written quality works. And also create a source that will contribute and help develop the fields of study. Accordingly, e-JNM’s intentions are on publishing articles and scientific works which are guided by a scientific quality sensibility.


Peer Review Process

The editorial board peruses the submitted material with regard to both form and content before sending it on to referees. They may also consider the views of the advisory board. After the deliberation of the editorial board, submitted material is sent to two referees. In order for any material to be published, at least two of the referees must approve it. The revision and improvement demanded by the referees must be implemented in order for an article to be published. Authors are informed within three months about the decision regarding the publication of their material. All the papers are controlled academically with the iThenticate program.


Open Access Policy

Electronic Journal of New Media (e-JNM) adopted a policy of providing open access.


Call For Papers

e-JNM will bring together academics and professionals coming from different fields to discuss their differing points of views on these questions related to “new media”.


Main Topics Of e-JNM

• New Media (web 3.0, interactivity, convergence, virtuality, social media, iots, etc.)

• Digital Culture (cultural studies, media studies, media theory, visual culture, etc.)

• Digital Application (virtual reality, augmented reality, etc.)
• Digital Arts (cinema, television, photograph, illustration, kinetic, graphics etc.)
• Digital Society (E-community, surveillance society, network society, etc.)
• Communication Arts (advertising, public relation, marketing, etc.)

• Social Sciences (Communication Studies, researches, applied studies)


Language Of e-JNM

Turkish and English